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MLP - Fluttershy :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 2 1
A Brief Encounter
Title: A Brief Encounter
Pairings/Characters: Slight/Hinted F!Courier/M!LW
Genre: Action/Adventure
It was like a mental reaction now that she would take out her gun and fire whenever she met eye contact with a Fiend. Even before the Fiends themselves had time to register there was a Waster in sight, she immediately fired. If it was a rifle instead of a small, 10mm she had, she might have shot the poor Fiend's head off. Still, a shot to the temple immediately killed him. With that, his companions finally noticed the Courier, and reacted violently, as Fiends always do when they see their prey.
They were going to attack her in any case, so why not merely take the opportunity and strike ahead of time? She heard Boone curse when she fired, as he quickly went behind a nearby, large rock on an upper part of the ground as his sniper's nest.
There were a lot of them… far more than she would have liked.
Bullets from their hunting rifles raced through the air mindle
:iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 0
Unrequited - F-ShepxMiranda
Title: Unrequited
Pairings/Characters: One-Sided F!Shepard/Miranda
Genre: Romance/Angst
It was utterly irritating. I keep finding myself more and more… attached to her. "Attached", huh. It was the nicest way to put it… the most innocent word for it.
Confiding in her just leaves this… this lump in my throat. And it happens every time I speak to her, every time I look at her. I find myself… wanting to be around her. I volunteer more often for her missions. I seem to agree with her far more than I use to (However, we still have different opinions on Cerberus… but then again, I can understand her distrust). And my reports to the Illusive Man become more and more vague… (I leave out a lot of the impending details…)
But I've never left anything out important. Nothing at all that should cause him to question me…
The only thing I've never mentioned in my reports is Shepard's gradual closeness to Vakarian.
It's not important. No
:iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 8 0
FF Brides - Otakon '10 :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 0 Vanille - Otakon '10 :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 2 0
Title: Everything
Characters: Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia)
Genre: Angst/Drama
I was everything he wanted me to be.
Everything fitting for an angel. For a leader of Cruxis. For a former hero. For a friend.
In the beginning… when I first met him over 4000 years ago, I was simply a mere Tethe'allan noble. My father was the supreme commander of the army, and I knew my whole life I'd inherit his position.
When I met Mithos that day in Meltokio, I never thought for an instant that this young, innocent child would have completely, and utterly change my life.
Over time, he became my friend, and my companion.
Mithos, Yuan, Martel, and myself- the great heroes of the Kharlan War.
How did we end up like this?
How did Mithos become so twisted? How did Yuan become so distant? How did I become so… so cold? So heartless- for a moment, I had to stop myself from killing my own son.
Why did Martel have to die?
All the events that have led up to this… the fo
:iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 0 0
MGS1 Crack - Snake and Liquid :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 1 MGS1 Crack - Ocelot's Hobby :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 2 MGS:PO Crack - Gene's Voice :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 2 6 'Black Mages'- Katsucon '10 :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 1 Tira and Talim - Otakon 2009 :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 6 2 Pluto and Saturn - Otakon 09 :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 0 Terra and Celes - Otakon 2009 :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 3 4 Beluga Whale :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 1 0 Terra Branford - Sketch Dump :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 2 5 Mary Elizabeth McGlynn :iconsapphire-petal:Sapphire-Petal 4 7

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It's been two months since I updated this, so... um...

I'm in community college now. Not sure if I like it better than high school, but the students don't appear to be complete jerks for the most part, though. Maybe that's because they're actually focused on what it is they need and want to do...

On another note, I'm not sure whether or not I should do NaNoWriMo. I have a huge English paper that pretty much lasts the entirety of November... so I don't really have any idea what I'm going to do :/
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